Kids Rooms (252) Rainbow Polka Dot Wall Stickers ~Kids Wall Dot Decals

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Rainbow Polka Dot Wall Stickers
(126) Colorful Wall Dot Decals
These polka dot wall stickers will make your creativity run wild in this brightly colored playroom. Without much planning you can design a fantastic space with these lively colored polka dot wall decals. You can choose a fun color for the walls, but these dots would also look great on white walls too. The decals work best on a satin or semi-gloss paint finish, and since the decals are self stick they are so much easier to use then having to paint each dot individually. You can finish decorating a room in under an hour! There are many ways to decorate a room by creating a unique polka dotted border around the whole room or you can just have a blast and place the dot decals anywhere you want. Just play and have fun. It is so easy to do that you can even let your kids help.

< https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd0P0QTF2NS/ Look What Christy Did! 

(252) Rainbow Colored Wall Dots Decals, Dots ranging in size from 1/2"-7". Just peel and stick removable & re-positionable. Create a unique polka dot room for your child- so simple they can help decorate!
(12) 11" x 14" Vinyl Sheets Polka Dot Wall Stickers
(2) Red, (2) Green, (2) Orange, (2) Blue, (2) Yellow, (2) Purple

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