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Our Wall Mural and Room Decal Products are made of durable vinyl that is peel and stick, removable and washable.

Before Applying Mural To Walls-
Wait 1-3 weeks after painting your walls to apply self adhesive murals and wall stickers.You must wait for the paint to fully cure.
The wall will feel dry to the touch but it is still damp underneath and the murals will not adhere properly.If your mural is not adhereing properly just put it back onto the backing and wait a week for the paint to fully dry.

How do we apply the mural to the wall?
Our murals and wall stickers are printed on a special self-adhesive wallpaper vinyl. You simply pull off the backing and adhere the mural or wall sticker to the wall. Once the mural or wall sticker is up you can gently peel it off and reposition it if necessary.

How do I take the mural or wall sticker down?
Our unique adhesive allows you to pull the mural or wall sticker off the wall with out damaging the walls. Gently pull corner of mural and carefull peel off of wall.

How do I clean the mural?
You can clean the mural with a soapy damp sponge and gently rub the dirt off.Our products are very durable and soil resistant.

If Decals & Murals Are Not Adhereing Properly

There are really only three reasons:

1- is the cold, if you have the AC on the walls might be to cold for the glue to adhere properly.
You will need to allow the room WALLS to get warm adhere the decals and then put the AC back on.

2-If you have just painted the walls they need to cure for about 2 weeks, the paint is still damp and the glue will not adhere.
Just place the decals back on the paper they came on or on wax paper and re-adhere in two weeks.

3-If the walls are not prepared correctly. If the paint is just the primer coat it tends to be chalky and the decals will not adhere properly to any chalky painted walls. You will have to add a finishing coat of paint. Wait two weeks and re-adhere decals.

-There is a short cut which is to spray the back of the decal with spray adhesive and place on wall.

Fire Rating - (Print Out Fire rating Sheet)
Economical, soft calendered PVC inkjet media. Available in white with a gloss or matte finish.
Release Liner
83#, silicone-coated paper
Clear, water-based permanent
Areas of Use
For short- and medium-term outdoor applications, such as general signage.
Printing Techniques
Solvent, Eco-sol, UV inkjet printing
(without paper and adhesive) 3 mil
Dimensional Stability
Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction; in length, Temperature Resistance
Adhered to aluminum -40°F to 176°F no variation
Adhesive Power
(FINAT TM-1, after 24 h average) Adhered to stainless steel 3.7 lb/in
Outdoor Durability
(based on vertical surface exposure) 4 years (unprinted)
Shelf Life
2 years
Adhered to aluminum, after 100 hours/73°F, no variation
Elongation at break (across)
Elongation at break (along)
Tensile Strength (across)
Min 19 MPa
Tensile Strength (along)
Min 19 MPa
Minimum application temperature
50 °F
Available Widths (in inches)
30, 50, 54, 60, 80
Available Lengths
50 yards -- 100-yard and 250-yard lengths are available upon request for 60 and 80
Surface finish
Gloss, Matte
Number of Colors
Solvent-Based Printers
Recommended Printing Inks
UV-resistant solvent inkjet for outdoor applications 

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