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About us

We at Create-A-Mural have been designing children's murals and wall decals for over 15 years. It has been such a blessing to help parents make their kids room a magical and special place to be.
We love helping parents to easily decorate their children's rooms. We believe it is important to give you children a comforting environment to play, dream and sleep in, especially in the world in which we live. 
I started Create-A-Mural after I needed a quick way to decorate our child's 
nursery. I couldn't paint a mural when my children were awake (they would have loved to help me lol!) so I looked for a peel and stick sun, clouds and rainbow but there were none. so after some prayer and talking with my husband we decided to embark upon this really wonderful adventure of making child's rooms magical. A little paint, instant artwork and lots of love and you decorating is done!

Please contact u if you have any design ideas, comments or suggestions. We have always gotten our best ideas from our customers. We are designers, not huge manufactures. We love to play with ideas and develop them into real and lasting artwork that envelopes you child's room.