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Outside Garden Classroom Mural Kit

Product Description
$ 399.00

Outside Garden Classroom Mural Kit ~Design a fun school envirnorment with large mural decals of tree, sun, clouds, custom sign decal and more. It is so easy to peel and stick the mural decals creating a focal point wher ever you want in the room! Tree Top 8' & Trunk 6' murals, Cloud murals 4ft-2-2ft (1-4ft print), sun murals, 2ft bush decal 3 ft, Bush Flowers wall decals Pink 1ft print, Grass mural border 2- 4ft print, 5 Bird wall decals (6-12"), Butterfly wal stickers 1ft, Red Tulips wall decals 1 ft print ( 5-15"), Orange Tulips 1 ft wall decals (5-15").

Classroom Mural


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