Gold Room Polka Dot Wall Decals

Product Description
$ 67.00

Gold Room Polka Dot Wall Decals to easily decorate any room wall. Large 4 inch gold polka dotted wall stickers enough to cover a whole wall. (32) 4" Gold Wall Dots on a 2' x 4' vinyl sheet. It is so easy to design a trendy and sophesticated
gold metallic space, and it could not be easier! We have designed the easiest way to decorate by just peeling and sticking your way to beautuful. Made with our high-quality vinyl, these dots are incredibly durable, re-positionable, and removable without leaving any sticky residue. They are graded to last at least 3 years. What better way to add to the festivities of the holidays than decorating your wall with these golden dots.

Product Description

  • Peel & stick
  • Made of high-quality vinyl
  • Safe for walls leaving no sticky residue
  • Re-positionable, removable & washable
  • (32) dots that are approximately 4.5″
  • Complete print size of 2′ x 4′


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