Magical Undersea Mural Kit- Small

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$ 177.00

Magical Undersea Wall Mural Kit ~Beautiful Girls Room Underwater Ocean Theme Idea. Our "Magical Under Sea Adventures Mural" Border is a brightly colored coral reef ocean floor. Filled with tropical fish anemones sting rays seaweed and all manner of sea creatures. Our peel & stick precut self adhesive wallpaper mural piecesmakes it super easy for any parent to make their child's room an under ocean playground. We also have created a bunch of ocean creaturesthat go with this "Under Sea Mural" design. -Happy Dolphin + Coral Reef 3' x 3' -Octopus 24" sting rays 12" &tropical fish5" -(3) Tropical fish sea shell & seahorses wall stickers. 8.5" x 11" Click & Print Directions
Magical Undersea Wall Mural

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