Paint Splats Mural ~Splatter Wall Decals fro Kids Rooms

Product Description
$ 27.99

PAINT SPLATTER MURAL- Splat Paint Wall Stickers for Kids Room Walls. Easily create a splat paint theme teen room with peel & stick paint splatter stickers in bright colors to decorate cool walls. A unique idea to design a cool space for kids room walls, it is so easy and so much fun let them create their own unique room. They are crafted from glossy vinyl dry erase decals so your kids can write & erase!
Paint Splatter Decals,Peel & Stick,Removable.

SMALL SET HAS (6) 11" Vinyl Sheets of Paint Splats:
(1) Red Paint Splats Decals
(1)Orange Paint Splats Decals
(1)Black Paint Splats Decals
(1)Green Paint Splats Decals
(1)Blue Paint Splats Decals
(1)Yellow  Paint Splats Decals

  LARGE SET HAS (12) 11"' Vinyl Sheets of Paint Splats:
Paint Splat Wall Stickers(2) Red Paint Splats Decals
(2)Orange Paint Splats Decals
(2)Black Paint Splats Decals
(2)Green Paint Splats Decals
(2)Blue Paint Splats Decals
(2)Yellow  Paint Splats Decals

Precut self adhesive removable & reusable wall stickers. Start decorating now! Enough "paint splat wall decals" to decorate an entire room!


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