Wall Polka Dots-Soft Pink Lavender & Sage Green Peel and Stick Dot Decals

Product Description
$ 9.99
(63) Polka Dot Wall Decals. We've added More DOTS! Now 63 Wall Dots, Decorate A Whole Room! Wall Dot Stickers are from 3" - 6.5", the fun assorted sizes makes it super easy to make any space look great. Easy Peel & Stick Vinyl- Pops of color instantly adds fun to any room! Removable & won't harm paint on walls, works great fro apartments and nurseries. Unique Design Exclusive to Create-A-Mural ~Made in the USA <3 Peel and Stick vinyl circle theme wall stickers. Each vinyl sheet is 11" X 14". Removable wall stickers which do not leave any residue or harm walls.

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