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Jungle Mega Mural Kit

Product Description

Jungle Mega Mural Kit

Design a large Jungle Room with our large sized mural decals to completely decorate your child's room.
Jungle Wall Murals-Design a fun jungle theme room for your child instantly with removable jungle wall
murals & wall stickers. Large jungle mural decals that are peel and stick and removable.-Design Now!
(3) 2' x 4' prints-Precut, removable large jungle wall decals.
Gorilla Mural Decal 1.5', Panda Mural Decal 1.5',Koala Mural Decal 1.5' Zebra 2'-1.5'
Elephant Mural Decal 1.5',Giraffe Mural Decal 2', Jaguar Mural Decal 2',Lion Mural Decal 1.5'
Momma Lion 1.5', Jungle Tree Mural Decal 5',

$ 299.00 $ 377.00

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