Jungle Mega Mural Kit

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$ 299.00 $ 329.00

Jungle Mega Mural Kit ~The perfect children room idea to decorate and design a fun and engaging space. Our large Jungle Room Wall Decor Mural comes with large sized mural decals to completely decorate your child's room walls. You can paint the walls diffent colors to create the feeling of being in the jungle, let dry a week and then place the large size animal wall decals wherever you want. The giraffe can be peeking out the window, the elephant cuddling close to the bed. So, design now! Just Peel> Stick >DONE!

Kids Murals(3) 2' x 4' prints:
Gorilla Mural Decal 1.5',
Panda Mural Decal 1.5',
Koala Mural Decal 1.5'
Zebra 2'-1.5'
Elephant Mural Decal 1.5',
Giraffe Mural Decal 2',
Jaguar Mural Decal 2',
Lion Mural Decal 1.5'
Momma Lion 1.5',
Jungle Tree Mural Decal 5',

Kids Room Mural made of high quality peel and stick vinyl which makes for easy installation and removal.
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