Octopus & Sting Ray Mural Decals

Product Description
$ 57.00

Octopus & Sting Ray Mural Decals
Have fun decorating any room and transforming it into an undersea world filled with exotic sea life! Hand painted octopus, sting rays and tropical fish makes it look like you had a muralist come in and hand paint your wall!  But we make it so easy with our ocean life wall decals, you just Peel > Stick > CREATE! 

Octopus & Sting Ray Mural Decals is 2' x 2'
-Octopus Wall Mural Decal is 2' x 18"
-(2) String Ray wall mural decals are 18" and 14"
-(17) Tropical Fish mural wall decals approx. 5"

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Our most common question for the sea life wall decals are:
Q:Can I use your Ocean Wall Decals in the bathroom?
A:Yes! BUT make sure when applying that the walls are dry and clean.
   They will not adhere well if there is humidity in air.
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