Kids Group Home

Kids Group Home

Every Child Is An ArtistWe worked with a children's group home director (really an orphanage, group home just sounds better to some) and they needed to create a more welcoming atmosphere for their counseling room. This si the room that a group of about 6-8 came in with a counselor to deal with all of the issues that life has thrown at them. When we first visited it was stark white, scrapped walls and very unappealing. It was not a comfortable space to bare ones heart and open up to receive the help they so desperately needed. We painted, got furniture, throw pillows and sponsored an art contest and completely redid the room. The kids LOVED the room. First the kids we so blessed that adults cared about them enough to come in and create a space for THEM, the room environment enabled them to feel more comfortable to open and share their hearts their sorrows and received the help they needed. After this room was done we went and re-decorated the family meeting room next......


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  • Camille Apicella